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Independent Trucks Logo Change

Independent Trucks Logo Change

Independent Trucks Changes Their Logo
If you've picked up a pair of Independent Trucks in the last couple weeks, you'll notice a big difference between the Indy's that came out months before. All the New Independent trucks have no cross logos on the baseplates.

This has been a huge topic of conversation over the last couple months. With some people claiming that the Independent trucks logo is offensive because it was loosely based off the iron cross, a symbol that was super popular in the surfing and motorcycle culture in 70's Southern California, but was also used in some nazi memorabilia.

Independent Trucks Logo

Jim Phillips designer of the original logo did say he was inspired by the iron cross with the design, but tweaked it to make it his own, and actually ended up using a photo of the pope to draw inspiration for the final Independent trucks logo.

Independent Trucks Time Magazine Pope Logo Cover

For now, Independent has pulled the cross logo from all their trucks and says a new logo is coming soon. The new Independent trucks logo will be first seen in the next issue of Thrasher Magazine.

Independent has started to phase out the cross logo. The new Independent trucks logo will be the logo featured on the new ads and everything moving forwards. The old logo is still coming out on a few clothing pieces moving forwards but will be phased out. 

Independent Trucks Milton Martinez Dictionary Hill bomb ad new Independent trucks logo

What are your thoughts on the logo controversy? Is it offensive and needs to be changed? Are people taking it out of context/ is it overkill? Let us know in the comments.


  • Tristan Hart

    This is sad

  • Joe

    Independent trucks are shit anyway, always have been. Let em fold.

  • Yep

    Yep take it off decently nazi sign

  • Lex Luther

    Yo, they really did’nt need to do that…If american chopper or another company called for copyright issues then like ok, but theres not reason to just have dropped the silhouette of the brand. Not a good move and they need to bring back the O.G. cross.

  • Ixart

    J’ai vu aussi que apparemment les trucks sont made in china de nos jours mais la qualité est là meme ?

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